Salgarian Routes



The "Sentiero Salgariano Arancione" (Orange Salgarian Route) is dedicated to the characters of the Black Corsair (the adventure novel by Emilio Salgari), such as the two pirates Carmaux and Wan Stiller.

Length: 7,9 km - 2 hours
The route takes in the lower rural parish church (pieve) of San Martino in Negrar, in the street (via is Italian for street/road) via Don Angelo Sempreboni, and follows north towards Piazza Roma where it turns left and goes along via Guglielmo Marconi for about 70 metres. Afterwards, it turns right into via Don Ferdinando Piccoli, and then right at via Colle Masua and follows through to Jago di Sotto. The route proceeds in a northeastern direction turning into via Colle Masua, then it runs left and goes on for 300 metres before turning left and then right towards via Crosara. After 100 metres it turns into via Busa. The route follows through to a right turn in via Papa Giovanni and goes on for about 400 metres before turning right into via Cà Paletta. Following this street for about 300 metres the route then veers right into via del Carrista where Villa Rovereti Rizzardi is located. The route then goes towards via degli Alpini and then turns left into via dell'Autiere where it reaches Piazzetta San Martino and then goes back to the rural parish church of San Martino.


Dedicated to Salgari's heroines.

Length: 6 km - 1 hour
The route starts at the rural parish church of San Martino in Negrar where it heads towards Piazza Roma and then goes along the street via dei Ciliegi where it follows for about 500 metres before turning right into via Cà Bertoldi. Following in a northeastern direction, the route reaches the hamlet of Jago di Sopra where it turns left into via Masua, and then goes in a southwestern direction and turns left into via Colle Masua. Continuing east and then turning left into via Jago di Sotto, the route then goes on for 200 metres where it turns right and stays in via Jago di Sotto and after a left turn it returns to via Colle Mausa. From here, it follows in a northeastern direciton on via Ferdinando Piccoli to turn right into via Guglielmo Marconi and then into Piazza Roma where it returns to the rural parish church of Negrar.


Dedicated to the characters in the tale of Sandokan.

Length: 4 km - 50 minutes
The route starts from Villa Rizzardi with its charming Pojega Gardens. It then goes north to reach the street via Ara on the right to follow on through to the via Vigolo and then left along via Castello di Negrar to come out at the contrada (neighbourhood/hamlet) Castel which affords a beautiful view of the municipality of Negrar. After this, the route follows via Ara in a southerly direction to turn slightly lift into via Calcarole which then turns into via Rovereti where it then turns right into via del Carrista. From here it follows on for about 500 metres before turning right into via E. Guglielmi. The route then turns left into via Pojega to return to Villa Rizzardi which is on the right.

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