Exploring Fortifications: viaggio nella storia tra Valpolicella e Val d'Adige



"Exploring Fortifications: viaggio nella storia tra Valpolicella e Val d'Adige" is a projekt, born in September 2016, thank to two volunteers of the National Civil Service. This projekt aims to give value and more visibility to an historic and cultural heritage of the World War I, which has been forgotten during the time.


To give value to this forts and foxholes of Valpolicella, Val d'Adige and Lessinia, has been developed two itineraries that lead to these places.


To see the itineraries, photos and description of this cultural heritage you can visit the website: http://exploringforts.wixsite.com/exploring-forts-eng


The website is divided in five sections:

- one is dedicated to each fort and foxhole, with a gallery and descriptions;

- one is dedicated to the itineraries made for excursionists, who would like to discover these mysterious places, which have been part of our past. 


To accompain people thruoghout the territory, some audioguides have been created. These are based on an Anglo-Saxon system, called "Audiowalks", by which people listen a voice explains the things they see and on the background the visitor can hear sounds typical of that place he/she is visiting. (The audioguides could be downloaded on a smartphone, together with the PDF of the guide, in order to read the informations about the places).



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