A tour of the churches in Valpolicella
This itinerary gotakes you to some beautiful churches in Valpolicella, great temples or peaceful places of worcship handed to us to testify local history and devotion. To do by bike or camper.

San Giorgio di Valpolicella
From 6th November 2015 San Giorgio of Valpolicella has been inserted in the list of the most beautiful villages of Italy (Borghi più belli d'Italia).

Exploring Fortifications
Itineraries with audioguides to discover forts of Val d'Adige and Valpolicella.

Discover the valley of Negrar
The land of Negrar extends over an area of about 50 square km and offers an interesting landscape.

Villas and parishes
A suggestive route throguh the villas and parishes of municipalities of San Pietro in Cariano e Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella.

The villages of Molina, Cavalo and Breonio
Located in the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia, Molina is a small medieval village that still protects and treasures its abundant water supply, the main source of its wealth.

Along the banks of the Adige
The Adige river starts at 1,550 metres above sea level, not far from Lake Resia, and flows for 409 km through the Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto regions where it then goes on to the Adriatic sea.

The paths of Casarole
The district of Casarole, a few hundred meters from Breonio in Fumane

Towards the Veja Bridge
The Regional Natural Park of Lessinia is an oasis instituted in 1990 for the protection and enhancement of nature and historical heritage of a vast area of land in the north-north-west of Verona.

Val D'Adige and Terra dei Forti
This itinerary takes us around the western side of Valpolicella, through the Valdadige, Land of Fortresses, so named for its many military outposts.

Salgarian Routes
These walkings go through the Negrar's territory, land in which Emilio Salgari was born.

Breonio's Paths
Wonderlul and Relaxing walks in Breonio

Alzaia Street on the Adige River
Natural trail of interest that can be done by mountain bike.

Tibetan Bridge
The tibetan bridge is a suspended bridge which links the territories of Marano of Valpolicella and Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo.

Cariano Route
The Cariano course stretches in the hamlets of the Municipality of San Pietro in Cariano, giving the way to appreciate the historical and artistic beauties.

Route Peri - Breonio
The Peri-Breonio course is a suggestive itinerary through the places inhabited during the Iron Age.
From the Vajo Casarole falls to pastures of Lessinia, you walk into the wood, enjoying a wonderful sight on the Adige river.

Madonna della Corona's Sanctuary
The Sanctuary is located among the rocks of the Val D’Adige’s mountains, in Spiazzi of Caprino Veronese, Verona.

Paths of Gargagnago
Scenic paths in the country of Gargagnago.

Marano "Covoli" Trails Map
A wonderful ring of trails in the northern part of the Municipality of Marano di Valpolicella.

Tourist Hiking Trails in Dolcè
Dolcè: The Heart of Valdadige - Terradeiforti

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