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The company is located in Cerè of Negrar, Mount Cà Paletta, on the East side of the valley of Negrar. The vineyard is in the West and the ground is limestone basalt. The farming system of the vineyards, in older plants, and in Pergola Veronese, in the new, Guyot. The company was founded at the beginning of the century with Silvio Quintarelli, who, along with his brothers as sharecroppers cultivating the vineyards of locations Figari, in the municipality of Marano di Valpolicella.
The wine produced is then already exported to the U.S. , in barrels of 50 liters, by the owner of the fund. After the First World War, precisely in 1924, the company moved into the valley of Negrar , in the locality Cerè, where Silvio continues its work with the invaluable help of his sons and his wife . In the 50s, Giuseppe, the youngest son, took over the management of the company to continue the family tradition , the vineyard and the cellar. They are new and specialize the vineyards, increase the barrels and requests.
By the time the business gets bigger and bigger, but that does not distract the attention to the traditional method, which is strictly maintained, with constant love and dedication, along with his wife, daughters and to the loyal employees. The years from `50 to `55 are fundamental to the cellar. Recioto is an important wine and the vintage where there appears to be less generous giving a wine that is dry, it still attempts to keep it for subsequent years.
This experience has led a "method" which leads to a wine, Amarone, of high quality and that is discovered and appreciated by connoisseurs important . Amarone comes from the respect for nature, in the cultivation of the vine, from a patient and careful selection of grapes and a strong bond with tradition. In the 80s, following a reorganization of the property, with the purchase of new vineyards, optimizes production and you make important changes in the selection of the grapes and then in production. Since 1985, in fact, are regularly used grape varieties such as Nebbiolo, Croatina, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, with excellent results. Birth of a wine, I will raise, result of experience and knowledge in grape drying technique , peculiarities of the tradition of the Valpolicella. Two features accompany the wines produced by: a natural predisposition to long aging, which leads to improve the product even more than twenty years, and a surprising liveliness, which are expressed for a long time after opening the bottle.

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