Ristorante Borgo Antico
lunch, dinner and gala in an artistic setting

Ristorante Petra Antica
Characteristic enviroment and tipical food with special dish: tigella

Ristorante Grappolo D'oro
Restaurant with tipical cooking

Ristorante la Divina
restaurant with tipical cooking and production of Amarone

La Bottega del Corgnan
simple cooking, healthy and genuine

Ristorante Groto de Corgnan
cooking with high level of quality

Ristorante Saverio
tipical cooking, specialized in fish

Ristorante Pizzeria Primavera
pizza, pasta and tipical italian cooking

Osteria PerBacco
breakfast, lunch and dinner in a comfortable enviroment

Gato Gardo
tipical mexican cooking

Ristorante al Tesoro
Domestic cooking with tipical dishes like: tortellini al Monte Veronese with tartufo nero, "gnocchetti sbattuti", maccheroni alla montanara con ricotta affumicata and pancetta.

Osteria Numero 1
intimate and comfortable enviroment, good cooking and courteous staff.

La Fontana ai Ciliegi
Traditional cooking.

Pizzeria dai Butei
fragrant pizzas thanks of the wide wood-oven

Bar Osteria la Cooperativa
For lovers of good food who want to taste the traditional Veronese dishes with a great glass of wine. Only with quality and seasonal ingredients, chosen in full respect of the territory. For an aperitif, an informal lunch or dinner, Enrico and Francesco await you with their staff in a friendly atmosphere. Fridays are a themed: lesso e pearà, gnocchi di malga, paella and other specialties.

Antica osteria Paverno
Ancient osteria with traditional dishes and wines to taste.

Osteria La Coopera 1945
Traditional cooking.

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August 2019


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