Un anno con Dante 2020-2021
Gargagnago, Sant'Ambrogio di V.lla



A reading contest dedicated to the 700th Anniversary of Dante Alighieri's Death.


The reading contest is organized by the Gargagnago Library Group and Pro Loco Dante Alighieri .

This year's theme is ... Dante! In fact, next year will be the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet (1321-2021) and this is the opportunity to live a literary year with him: twelve books for twelve months, until the award ceremony on May 8, 2021 which will take place at Pro Loco of Gargagnago.

The titles concern Dante's life, stories inspired by him and his works and characters from the Divine Comedy: a unique opportunity to approach with pleasant readings one of the most important writers of all time.


Unfortunately, given the current situation, the participation cards are only available online. But reading can also be done at home, so start  your year with Dante!


Download the participation card: PAGE 1 and PAGE 2

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