Valpolicella - A series of Cultural Events promoted by the Municipalities coordinated by the Libera Università Popolare della Valpolicella until October 2018

La Bussola 2018
San Pietro in Cariano - La Bussola of the events in San Pietro in Cariano

Mercati campagna amica 2018
Verona e provincia - Open-markets during the year.

Reading around the park
San Pietro in Cariano - On Tuesday 17th July 2018, at San Pietro in Cariano, animted reading

MASI, Tenuta Canova - Summer 2018
Località Sacro Cuor - Lazise del Garda -
Celebrate the summer with tastings of Masi Tenuta Canova: a program of special evenings designed for those who want to deepen the world of wine, also appreciating the pleasure of the table with the discovery of combinations not obvious.

Negrar d'estate 2018
Negrar - The district of Negrar offers a programme of music, theatre, cinema, singing and dancing in the territory during the summer season.

Events in Sant'Ambrogio of Valpolicella 2018
Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella and its fractions - Events from March to Dicember 2018.

Valpolicella - CTG's programm July 2018

Estate Teatro 2018
Villa Bertoldi - Settimo di Pescantina - Saturday 14th, 21st, 28th July and 4th August from 9.15 p.m. - theatrical evenings at Villa Bertoldi

Theatre in Villa Albertini 2018
Arbizzano di Negrar (VR) - The company “El gavetin“ organizes theatre evenings in the months of June and July

4th Marcia dei Strapegoni
San Pietro in Cariano (VR), public gardens side of the Middle Schools - On Sunday 22th July 2018 there will be the 4th Marcia dei Strapegoni, a walking manifestation opened for everybody.

Apertura estiva Grotta di Fumane
Fumane (VR) - Sundays in caves - summer 2018

Visita Villa del Bene
Volargne di Dolcè - Sunday visits - Villa del Bene

Scenarbizzano - Summer 2018
Arbizzano di Negrar - The Municipality of Negrar and the 'Organizzazione Quinta Parete' organize the "ScenArbizzano" event in Villa Albertini from 27th July 2018 to 8th September 2018. The event promotes theater, music, dance and singing.

31^ Su e so tra boschi e prà
Mazzurega di Fumane - On Sunday 29th July 2018 - foot race

Festa di Fiamene 2018
Fiamene - Negrar (VR) - The Association of Fiamene (Negrar) organizes, from 2nd to 8th August 2018, a festival with live music, typical food and wine, draft beer and handcraft stands.

Sagra dell'anguria - Festa dell'Assunta
Bure - S. Pietro in Cariano (VR) - From Saturday 11th August 2018 to Monday 20th August 2018, in Bure (VR), there will be the "Watermelon's festival": ten days of fun, music, and natural food.

3° Raduno dei Trattori d'Epoca
Pescantina - Piazza degli Alpini - Sunday 12th August 2018 there will bw the 3rd "Raduno dei Trattori d'epoca"

Valpolicella Buskers
Purano - Marano di Valpolicella (VR) - The Association MultiTraccia, in collaboration with Ludica Circo school and with the patronage of Marano di Valpolicella district, organizes, on 18th and 19th August 2018, the 4th edition of Valpolicella Buskers.

Fiera de L'Oca 2018
San Pietro in Cariano - From 24th August to 27th August 2018 - Summer festival

Negrar - On 2nd September 2018 - Magnalonga Settembrina in Negrar - enogastronomic walk through Valpolicella

I Venerdì con il CAI 2018 - photographic tales ... and other stories
Pedemonte, San Pietro in Cariano - The Club Alpino Italiano organizes a series of Friday in which some photographic tales will be screened concerning some of the most interesting places in the world such as the desert in Namibia or the Siberian mountains.

Astronomical observatory
Fiamene (Negrar) - From 19th January 2018 every first and third Friday of the month, the astronomical observatory in Fiamene will be open to the public.

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