Inauguration of Polveriera Forte Monte Tesoro 2019 - ATTENTION: EVENT CANCELED DUE TO BAD WEATHER!!!
Corrubio di Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo - The event is canceled: it was scheduled on Saturday 14th December 2019 from 10.45am to 4.00pm in Forte Monte Tesoro - Corrubio di Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo.

La Bussola 2019 - eventi carianesi
San Pietro in Cariano - "La Bussola" of the events in San Pietro in Cariano

Mercatini di Natale a Cavalo 2019
Cavalo di Fumane - Mercatini di Natale a Cavalo will come back also this year on 14th and 15th December 2019 in Cavalo of Fumane di Valpolicella!

Natale a Fumane 2019
Fumane di Valpolicella - The Christmas season of Fumane di Valpolicella, between songs, markets and cribs, will start from Wednesday 11th December 2019!

Natale in Biblioteca 2019!
Negrar di Valpolicella - Many appointments for children in view of the Christmas festivities by the Municipal Library of Negrar of Valpolicella!

Natale in Riva all'Adige 2019!
Pescantina - From 6th to 31st December 2019 prepare you to live a Christmas full of events and news in Pescantina!

Popular University of Valpolicella 2019-2020
Valpolicella - Open registrations for the Popular University of Valpolicella 2019-2020!

Reading group for over 55 "Tra le righe"
Valgatara (Marano di Valpolicella) - From Friday 13th of September 2019 until January 2020 at the hall of the ex-library of Valgatara in Marano di Valpolicella, will meet the Reading Group for over 55.

Wine Tasting Class in Valpolicella 2020
Pedemonte di San Pietro in Cariano - Also this year the Wine Tasting Class starts in 2020!

Wineries of Valpolicella opened during Christmas festivities 2019
Valpolicella - List of Wineries that will be opened during Christmas festivities 2019!

Wineries open for Christmas in Veneto Region 2019
Valpolicella - "Movimento Turismo del Vino" organizes also in 2019 the event "Cantine Aperte a Natale" that start from 30. November 2019!

Christmas Concert 2019
Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo - The concert will take place on Sunday 15th December 2019 at 4.30pm in Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo.

Christmas in borgo di San Giorgio di Valpolicella 2019
San Giorgio di Valpolicella - From 15th December 2019 to 6t January 2020: Nativity scenes in the village, concerts in the Parish Church of San Giorgio di Valpolicella, guided tours and much more!

Le Domeniche del Gusto 2019
Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo - Domeniche del Gusto are coming back in occasion of the Christmas Holidays during the month of December 2019!

Teatro Parrocchiale Valgatara 2019
Valgatara (Marano di Valpolicella) - New Calendar with the Theatre Review from October to December 2019 of the Teatro Parrocchiale "San Giovanni Paolo II" in Valgatara, in the municipality of Marano di Valpolicella.

Nuovi Stili di Vita 2019
San Pietro in Cariano - A series of cultural conferences that will be held during the months of October, November and December 2019.

Conversation with Suor Smerilli 2019
San Pietro in Cariano - Important appointment on Thursday 19th December at 8.30pm in Don Mazza theatre of San Pietro in Cariano, with Sister Alessandra Smerilli, professor of Political Economy at the Pontifical Faculty of Sciences of Education “Auxilium” and Adviser to the Vatican.

Osservatorio Astronomico 2019
Negrar di Valpolicella - Astronomical Observatory of Fiamene, among the hills of Valpolicella, in the Municipality of Negrar, opens also this year.

Christmas Concert - Negrar 2019
Negrar di Valpolicella - The concert will take place on Saturday 21st December at 8.45pm in the Parish Church of Negrar di Valpolicella.

Christmas Concert 2019
San Pietro in Cariano - The Christmas concert of the Choir "El Vesoto" will be held Saturday 21st December at 8.45pm in San Floriano Church!

Presepe vivente Prun 2019
Prun di Negrar di Valpolicella - The living Nativity scene will take place on Saturday 21st December 2019 at 6.00pm along Prun street.

Christmas Markets in Villa del Bene 2019
Volargne di Dolcè - Come to live the magic of Christmas in Villa del Bene on Sunday 22nd December 2019 from 11.00am to 7.00pm!

CTG - Valpolicella Genius Loci - Programma Dicembre 2019
San Pietro in Cariano - Centro Turistico Giovanile of Valpolicella organizes guided tours to discover the territory during the month of December 2019!

Giare in Festa... continua!
Giare - Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo - Giare in Festa will come back on Sunday 22th December 2019 with a dinner to wish happy holidays!

Ristoranti in Valpolicella - Proposte per le festività 2019
Valpolicella - Menus proposed by restaurants in Valpolicella for the last holidays of 2019!

Christmas BAF 2019/2020
Fane di Negrar di Valpolicella - Also this year Associazione BAF organizes the Christmas BAF 2019/2020 that will take place in Fane, Negrar di Valpolicella, during the days 26th - 27th - 28th - 29th December 2019 and 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th Januray 2020.

SAN RUSTICO - Wine Label Contest
Valgatara di Marano di Valpolicella - The Cantina San Rustico, for its 150 years Anniversary, organizes a competition of ideas for the creation of a new wine label.

Trail "Di Corsa con le Befane"
Fumane di Valpolicella - Fumane di Valpolicella awaits you on Monday 6th January 2020 to face the Trail "Di Corsa con le Befane!"

30th edition Sabato a Teatro
Fumane - The series of theatrical works of the 30th edition of "Sabato a Teatro" will take place from October 2019 to March 2020 at 9.00pm at Teatro di Fumane.

C'era una volta... Teatro
Bure di Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella - "C'era una volta... Teatro" will take place with 5 shows from October 2019 to February 2020 in Theatre Silvano Caliari in Bure.

University of Free Time of Negrar 2019/2020
Negrar - The inscriptions for the University of Free Time of the academic year 2019/2020 are now opened!

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