Villa della Torre
The villa is one of the most interesting examples of country houses from the XVI century in the Veronese area, and it may have been planned by the architect Michele Sanmicheli.

A tour of the churches in Valpolicella
This itinerary gotakes you to some beautiful churches in Valpolicella, great temples or peaceful places of worcship handed to us to testify local history and devotion. To do by bike or camper.

Grotto of Fumane
The Grotta of Fumane is a very famous prehistoric archaeological site.

The villages of Molina, Cavalo and Breonio
Located in the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia, Molina is a small medieval village that still protects and treasures its abundant water supply, the main source of its wealth.

San Marziale Church
The San marziale Church at the present is the result of a renovation performed between the 1400s and the 1500s on an ancient building of the 13th century.

The paths of Casarole
The district of Casarole, a few hundred meters from Breonio in Fumane

Waterfall park of Molina
It's rated as "natural reserve zone with didactic aim".

Lorenzo's Mill
Mulin de Lorenzo (Lorenzo's Mill) is in Molina, Fumane.

Breonio's Paths
Wonderlul and Relaxing walks in Breonio

Madonna de La Salette Sanctuary
The Madonna De La Salette Sanctuary was built in 1860 on the hill overlooking the inhabited area of Fumane in 1860, a period in which there was an epidemic of downy mildew which was devastating the vineyards of the valley.

Route Peri - Breonio
The Peri-Breonio course is a suggestive itinerary through the places inhabited during the Iron Age. From the Vajo Casarole falls to pastures of Lessinia, you walk into the wood, enjoying a wonderful sight on the Adige river.

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