Santa Sofia Church in Pedemonte
The building of Santa Sofia's church dates back to the period between 831 and 845.

Villa Ottolini-Lebrecht
Villa Ottolini-Lebrecht is dated back to the XVI century and it's located in San Floriano, near the Parish Church.

5 appropriately marked and signposted routes winding through the various hamlets of the Municipality of San Pietro in Cariano: Pedemonte, San Floriano, Corrubbio, Castelrotto, San Pietro in Cariano and Bure. They allow to observe known places and monuments.

Villas and parishes
A suggestive route throguh the villas and parishes of municipalities of San Pietro in Cariano e Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella.

Consortium for the Tutelage of Valpolicella Wines
Association of Wine growers, wine makers and bottlers of Valpolicella Wines

Bike tours in Valpolicella
Bike tours organized by Pro Loco of San Pietro in Cariano

Tenuta Pule Galtarossa
The villa was propriety of Pullè from the second part of the '600 and still has the stem of the family on the southern face, on the chapel and some cottages.

Villa Buri Avanzi
Located in the area called "Ruine", it's a building complex with an Roman Tower, which is the oldest part of the villa.

Cariano Route
The Cariano course stretches in the hamlets of the Municipality of San Pietro in Cariano, giving the way to appreciate the historical and artistic beauties.

Villa Fumanelli
It belongs to the same fimily since its constuction between 1599 and 1602. Now it's the office of a winery.

Parish Church of San Floriano
This church is located in San Floriano and it represents the most interesting example of the Romanesque period in Valpolicella.

Villa Santa Sofia
It is also known as Villa Santa Sofia for the name of the chapel dedicated to the Saint just outside the walls of the aristocratic villa.

Villa Giona
Villa Giona-Fagiuoli stands in Cengia by feet of Castelrotto's hill (San Pietro in Cariano) and was erected at the end of 1400, but it has been restructured in the following centuries.

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