Ever since it has existed, the Brunelli name has been closely linked to the Valpolicella area. Since 1936 the Brunelli Estate’s products are unique thanks to the particular characteristics that they display and which render unmistakable the unique qualities that are typical of the terroir. Two special and rare cru, made just in the finest vintages, represent the flagships of the winery.

Cantina Sociale of San Pietro in Cariano
Cantina Sociale of San Pietro in Cariano, founded in 1939, is one of the oldest in the Verona area.

Az. Agr. Nicolis Angelo & Figli
The winery of Nicolis Angelo & Sons is in S. Pietro in Cariano, heart of the classical Valpolicella. The art of the viticolture is a wealth which Nicolis' Family hands down from generations, with the colture of owned land.

Vantini Luigi & Figli
Vantini's Winery is in San Floriano, in the heart of the classical area of Valpolicella's production.

Rubinelli Vajol
Is to offer the beauty and delicious goodness coming from the very heart of Valpolicella. Azienda Agricola Rubinelli Vajol

Az. Agr. Paolo Cottini
The winery of Paolo Cottini is immersed in the green of Valpolicella in Castelrotto of San Pietro in Cariano.

Az. Agr. Manara
The story of the Manara winery is like the story of other small wine producers in the Valpolicella Classico area. It was established in 1950 and the owners have been running it for three generations, maintaning local wine-making traditions with growing experience and passion.

Azienda Agricola Zymè
Zýmē is located in a special spot in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, quite unique inasmuch as its home is a recovered part of an ancient sandstone quarry, a location strategically apt within the viticultural district of San Pietro in Cariano.

Azienda Agricola Cesari
Founded in 1936, Gerardo Cesari soon became synonymous worldwide with wines from the Verona area.

Bolla Cellar
With more than a century of experience, Bolla is a cellar which produces classic Veneto wines, with respect for tradition and for the region, distributed throughout the world.

Tommasi Viticoltori
Dedicated to tradition but ever receptive to innovation, the Tommasi wines tell the story of a family that believes in honest labor and love of the land; a family that lives in harmony and has made the attainment of excellence a moral imperative.

Azienda Agricola Farina
The winery was founded in early 19th century, from the passion and desire of the founders to exploit and disseminate the huge potential for producing high quality wine from their land.

Cantina Buglioni
The passion for wine, Valpolicella by origin, quality choice, the acceptance by vocation, excellence for ambition.

Società Agricola Rino Sartori
"From time immemorial viticolture and wine making are the passions that we pass from one generation to the next"

Az. Agr. Corte Lenguin
Along the slopes of Mount St. Urban, behind the plain of San Floriano, Lenguin Court extends its vineyards to 10 hectares

Az. Agr. Mizzon
In the heart of Valpolicella, among vineyards in locations Quar, Ledge, Valgatara, Joseph, next to his family, day after day has been able to do the grapes of his company a symbol of one of the best productions of the Valpolicella wine.

Az. Vitivinicola Accordini Igino
The history of “Igino Accordini” began in 1821, when the grandfather of the current owners inherited in Valpolicella a piece of land of about 3 hectares, in a agricultural well-known area. in that period the vineyard produced only for the Accordini family, who used to spent springtime in this place.

Az. Agr. Accordini Stefano
This estate winery has deep country roots: their founders have been share-croppers, then landowners and finally wine-makers.

Az. Agr. Arduini Luciano
The farm Arduini boasts about the wine-producing experience. Luciano, the current holder, has followed the way of his father Battista, but interpreting his enological culture according to a personal vision.

Az. Agr. Begali Lorenzo
The Begali Estate is situated in the charming Valpolicella area, between Pedemonte and the hills of Castelrotto,near Verona and Garda lake.

Az. Agr. Bonazzi Dario e Fabio
The Bonazzi Agricultural Farm is located on the wonderful hills of the Valpolicella region, but it also possesses some vineyards in the Bardolino region.

Az. Agr. Brigaldara
The “La Brigaldara” winery is located outside the village of San Floriano in the Valpolicella area to the north of the city of Verona in Northeastern Italy. It perches on a slope at the mouth of the Marano Valley, one of the four valleys which make up the “Classico” area of this well-known wine producing region.

Az. Agr. Di Corte Rossa
The Farm of Corte Rossa is a family-owned company that was born from our passion for agriculture and attachment to the rural traditions.

Az. Agr. Monte Dall'Ora
We created our estate and our family in this special land of great tradition in the heart of historic Valpolicella zone. Children of farmers, we took from them the tenacity to work and the love for vineyard.

Agricola Pietro Zardini
Pietro Zardini Winery is a final result of a continued evolution which has very old and deep roots in the Valpolicella Area.

Az. Agr. Spada
The land and the vineyard. The quality starts here.

Az. Agr. Le Ruine Salvaterra
The brothers, Eros and Lucio Mirko Furia, coming from generations of vine growers and wine producers now have carried out their dream by having purchased the property Salvaterra situated in Prun di Negrar.

Speri Viticoltori
A family of long-standing from Valpolicella, the Speri company is a true traditionalist in the making of one of the most prestigious wines: the Amarone.

Az. Agr. Venturini Massimino
The Farm Venturini is headquartered in St. Florian, in comunce of San Pietro in Cariano and began its activity in 1963

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