"Exploring Fortifications: viaggio nella storia tra Valpolicella e Val d'Adige"



From Tuesday 4th October it is possible to see the website dedicated to the forts and foxholes of Val d'Adige and Lessinia, realized by the volunteers of the National Civil Service 2015/2016, in the field of the project V.V. Veneto, dedicated to the World War I.


Their intent is to give value to a heritage already forgotten, although it is still visible, through the web and, in particular, through a website and Social Networks.


The website is divided in five sections: one dedicated to each fort and foxhole with a gallery of photos and a short description of the site; another dedicated to two itineraries made for excursionists/hikers who want to discover the heritage that have been part of our history. Together with the description of the itineraries has been created some audioguides, based on the anglosaxon model of Audiowalks, which consist of a voice accompained by a music background, which consist of typical sounds of the place the visitor is visiting (The audioguides can be downloaded on a smartphone and are created just to accompain the visit. They contain an explanation of the routes the visitor is making and another dedicated to the history and architecture of each site).


It is possible to see the website at this link:


To promote better the project, the volunteers have used Social Networks to reach many people all over the world, such as Facebook, Instagram and Google+.




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