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From October 2015 will be possible to finance the istitutional initiatives of the Consorzio Pro Loco Valpolicella, without additional prices. It is simple: you have only to buy on Internet through the main online shops.


To help the Consorzio Pro Loco you have to click on this link: and buy online through the control key "Dona Comprando" (donate by buying): then all the online shops that participate at this initiative will appear and you are ready to buy what you want on the shop you choose. Then a percentage on what you have bought will be donated to the Consorzio Pro Loco, without any additional price.

To see the list of all the online shops that adhere at this initiative, see here:


It is a freely way to help us: each purchase is a donation for the promotion of the territory of Valpolicella.


How can I donate through the online shops that support this initiative?

You simply have to connect at the homepage of your Community and click on: "how to help us“, find the section “Travel & Shopping online” and click on the icon or the link in which you are interested (that are available). You will be redirected at the online shop, through which you will be able to buy or reserve something. If you simply want to connect and see the prices, but you would like to buy in a later stage, remember that you have to accede again to the site of your Community and follow the indications listed above.

Attention: This passage is fundamental because it is the only way by which we recognise which Community has helped us. If you forget to do this passage, the purchase is valid, but it is not possible to recognise which Community has made the donation. If you do not find your donation or if it appears in an anonymous form on the website of your Community, you can complete it with your personal data - to let us know that you have financed this initiative -  by sending an e-mail to: specifying also the name of your Community. 


How can I donate?

You have simply to connect to the homepage of your Community and click on the control key: “how to help us” and choose the modality you prefer. You can decide to donate by a bank or post office transfer, by credit card directly on the Paypal account made available to your Community by, by giving your 5×1000. You can also buy tourist services or things on the homepage of your community, with the modality listed above.




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